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Our People

Jeff Carroll

Co-Founder and CEO

Jeff Carroll is a strategist, leader and gifted storyteller committed to social and environmental innovation as a tool for the public good. Jeff leverages a background in construction and business to design market solutions that address environmental issues and employment barriers to decent jobs. He challenges audiences and change-makers with stats and stories to find sustainable approaches in enterprise-driven solutions.

After establishing a deconstruction and material reuse enterprise in Baltimore and growing it to a $5,000,000 operation with 200 hires, he is now working with other cities to establish circular “urban wood economies” by finding wealth in the wood waste stream (both from building deconstruction and trees that have come down in communities). As the CEO of Urban Wood Economy Inc., he is building scalable pilots across the United States to create employment on-ramps within the circular wood economy that reinvest wealth back into marginalized communities—all while reducing carbon emissions and avoiding landfilling valuable urban wood.

Jeff has an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and lives in Baltimore with his wife Heather and a collection of guitars.