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Our People

Mike Born

Co-Founder and Principal

Mike is a wood sourcing master. He has worked extensively in wholesale hardwood distribution in both domestic and international markets and has deep expertise in wood for musical instrument clients including Fender, Leo Fender at G&L, Rickenbacker, and Taylor Guitars. At Fender, Mike was responsible for all legal and sustainable sourcing of guitar woods and contributed significantly to R&D, product design, manufacturing, wood handling and drying. His efforts resulted in a 30% savings in wood costs annually and continue to influence operations in the U.S. and overseas.

Mike develops kilns (solar, portable, on-site etc.), body blank laminating lines, and all things related to urban wood production. He is highly sought after on a wide range of urban wood technical consulting both here in the U.S. and abroad.

Mike is a graduate of Colorado State University in Wood Science and Technology and lives with his wife, in Southern California – and a collection of guitars. He is a regular speaker and panelist and serves as the Technical and Design Lead for Urban Wood Economy.